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Since it was founded in 2006, STIL VOR TALENT has continuously striven to evolve, to further and to enable numerous artistic careers. Niconé, Sascha Braemer, Niko Schwind, Kellerkind, HVOB are just a few of many names that inextricably link to the label. Next to commercial success in popular culture, embodied by hits like ‘Hypnotized’ or ‘3 Tage Wach’, STIL VOR TALENT is particularly known for its DIY-attitude, graphic realisation, connected fashion label and musical variety spanning from nu disco to house. Apart from 12-ichnes that are released on a monthly basis and aim directly at the dance floor, the past year has seen an in-creased focus on the long-player format, thus granting the artists the opportunity and space to realise deeper ideas and complex concepts. While Oliver Koletzki Presents Stil vor Talent 100 was a compilation celebrating the 100th catalog number, artists like Niconé, Kellerkind and HVOB explored the joys of a longer format with particularly impressive results. This colourful mix of music has obviously created many a magic moment at countless parties – one of STIL VOR TALENT’s main driving forces and motivations. Thus, clubs all around the world know: the name STIL VOR TALENT stands for great artists, long nights and quality music. The country’s capital can obviously not fall short, which is why Berlin is the back- drop to many of the legendary STIL VOR TALENT nights, that give the label’s newest discoveries a chance to present them- selves in a club context. After stopping off at several different and diverse locations, the label has finally settled at two of the city’s – and world’s – best venues, Watergate and Kater Holzig. Both clubs have hosted numerous label and release parties, at which long queues and a full house were a bit of a given. Although very content, Oliver Koletzki is nonetheless keen to explore all kinds of possibilities: “During the summer we organised open-air events and several parties in off lo- cations.” This year STIL VOR TALENT headquarters will move office to the Kater Holzig-related Mörchenpark on the banks of the Spree in order to be more accessible to the fans and to cement the long-lasting friendship to the Bar 25 collective. Music informs everything, but STIL VOR TALENT is not just a record label. “It’s a lifestyle choice,” Oliver Koletzki notes with a hint of irony. Hence, sounds lead to skirts and beats to blouses: there’s a fashion output in the form of STIL VOR TALENT FASHION that has several collections under its belt, all designed by young newcomer designers. This year STIL VOR TALENT is going to stay true to its successful roots: there will be LPs by Niko Schwind, Oliver Koletzki, and HVOB. Paired with new EP material by Niconé & Sascha Braemer, KlangKuenstler and the newcomer Benotmane, ev- eryone should get their money’s worth.

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